Health & Safety Info is an online magazine that has gained a strong reputation in health and safety publication. We provide an invaluable tool for work safety as health and security are a global concern for companies and employees all over the world.

Driven by research and data, Health & Safety Info aims to provide a monthly compilation of statistics regarding injuries in work. We want to make a difference in that.

Our focus is to lead the greatest impact and focus on where help is needed the most. Health & Safety Info provides useful information on preventable injuries and illnesses that occur at work, in communities, and homes.

As the leading source of health and safety information and resources, Health & Safety Info provides global coverage of analysis and security news.

Health & Safety Info recognizes the challenges that companies deal with regarding safety in the workplace. We aim to promote efficient training and safety to communities all over the world.

Here at Health & Safety Info, we bring awareness to cautions that must be known in the workplace. Here you will find in-depth articles, stories, experiences, tips, and other information on how you can improve the health and safety in your business.

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